Ethereal – words through photography

We have a continuous connection with nature that we either become conscious about or not: but the connection is there. Our link to Earth is alive and impresses us. That is why we stay and admire a sunset or smell the flowers or walk barefoot through the grass … that is why we climb mountains or sail the seas. And that is why I make photos: it’s my way of expressing what I feel through this link with nature.

As a result of all that, my photos rarely express only the physical reality around me and I’m more and more interested about the intimate elements of nature. Lately I often find myself analyzing small details as if they’re communicating something to me. It’s like a deep connection that I can’t fully explain in words but all these elements seem to express life to me.

You can look at these photos as simple ice formations, simple forms created by nature but you can also look beyond that and extract this real element from the real environment: and in that moment you realize that in front of you are a multitude of feelings and expressions. This mix evolves in front of my eyes as I make one photo after another and in the end it disappears in an ethereal way with moved images.

It’s like this series of photos begins with an element trapped under the ice and then it evolves up to the point where it doesn’t matter anymore: the moment when everything shifts from reality to dream, from real shapes and textures to just light and pure expression.

I have to admit that it’s not easy to fully describe the whole range of feelings and emotions I experienced in front of all these moments when I decided to make each photo and now I invite you to experiment and look at these photos and to have your own moments of clarity!


Series – Ethereal

Series - Ethereal Series - Ethereal Series - Ethereal
Series - Ethereal Series - Ethereal Series - Ethereal
Series - Ethereal Series - Ethereal
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